Does your child want to learn to do handstands, cartwheels, back flips and aerials? This 'fun' part of Gymnastics is what our classes are all about. During the term, your child will build on their skills, moving from tumbling, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs, into walk overs, hand springs, aerials, back flips and more complex combinations. Each week we will focus on functional training to develop their strength and stability. We use fun motivational games to develop confidence.




  • Acrobatics 4 + yrs program - 60 min weekly classes

        Acro 1 - 4 - 6 yrs beginner
        Acro 2 - 6 - 8 yrs beginner/intermediate

        Acro 3 - 8 - 10 yrs intermediate

        Acro 4 - 9 yrs + intermediate/advanced

        Acro 5 - 10 yrs + advanced​


Note: we have some combined classes, please check our timetable via link below. Our class age groups are flexible as our focus is to group kids based on their ability rather than age. Please contact us to discuss your child's individual needs. 





  • Acrobatics 60 min classes cost $20 per class, paid by the term (pro rata). 

  • Annual Membership Fee of $20 per child. (non-refundable, includes insurance)

  • Enrol your child in 2 weekly classes and receive 50% off their second class.

Family discounts applicable are:

  • second child receives 10% off

  • third child receives 20% off

  • fourth child receives 30% off




Mount Eliza - the Village Uniting Church Mt Eliza, 93 Canadian Bay Rd, Mt Eliza

Mordialloc - St Brigid's Parish Primary School, 129 Albert St, Mordialloc

​​​If you have any questions about our programs please email or

call us on 0477 079 970.

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