Acro Kids offer fun, energetic, non-competitive, recreational gymnastics and parkour programs which aim to develop children’s acrobatics and parkour skills, fitness, coordination, strength and confidence!


Acro Kids is child centric in that we focus on the individual child and support them to develop and build their acrobatic and parkour skills at whatever level they are at, regardless of age or fitness.


Our programs are holistic in that they combine physical activities with building confident kids, in key areas such as self-belief, courage, resilience, self-discipline, leadership and empathy. These components are built into our programs in the way we interact and teach, enhancing your child’s experience and engendering traits that will help them grow into confident adults combined with a love of physical exercise.



Acro Kids is a family business created and lead by Damian and Katherine. Our team have a variety of experience - gymnastics, cheerleading, circus, dance and personal training backgrounds.


We share a common passion to help children become the best version of themselves they can be! 


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